Kids Bible Lessons


kids bible lessonsKids Bible Lessons are a very important thing, a lot of people send their youths to Sunday schools in church or just make their children attend religion lessons at their week school. However, is that enough? Recent studies show that kids are much more interested in The Bile when these are their parents who tell them about it.

Kids Bible Lessons At Home

“But how do I do that” you may ask. Well, it’s not that hard as it can seem to be. You can start with basic stuff, like “God loves us all, and is our father.”. Seems too obvious? Trust me, for little kids, it’s not and it’s a good point to start from. Remember- the sooner you will start, the better. Just remember not to push it too hard, they don’t have to know everything now. Trying to force them too many information can have the opposite results, so beware and remember- religion is not maths, foreign language or any other school subject, give them time!

Are you teaching Bible to your kids at home? How is it going? Do you have any tips & tricks for other parents? Leave me a comment! 🙂


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