The Lord’s Prayer Lessons Series


Interesting material

Recently, I’ve found some interesting youth Bible study lessons here . They seem to be pretty interesting and worth attention. They are made for the youngest children and they cover basic informations like what the prayer is and who is The God for us. They also have some interesting info about respect to the God’s and Jesus name. In my opinion, this point is often not obeyed by kids, teenagers mostly nowadays. What’s even more shocking, most of them don’t even realize how bad sin they commit by not praising The Name as it should be.

Another covered aspect is how close The Heaven Kingdom to come is. This point if forgotten often forget not only by children, but adults as well. Some of them keep postpone going to church etc. because they think they still got a lot of time for that. No one of us should ever forget that we never know when our time will come. Please, keep it mind at tell it you young ones.


Teaching a kid how to pray

Talking about Bible study for kids on prayer itself- there are some tutorials explaining it In detail (like this: Teaching a toddler how to pray). So if you don’t know how to start, I highly recommend to do a good research first. The most crucial thing you need your kid to know is that he or she doesn’t HAVE TO pray every day, they should just WANT TO do this to praise The Lord. Your kids can’t feel forced into the religion, because if they would, they will turn away from Christianity sooner or later, most probably during their rebellious teenage years. If you teach them in the way it should be done, they will feel it, so morning and evening prayer will become a pleasant routine.


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