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Bible videos for kids

kids and cartoons

Hey, I’ve recently thought that if my children love cartoons and other TV shows, why shouldn’t I take advantage of that fact and find some good Bible videos for children and see if they would be as enthusiastic for them as they are for their favorite shows. You can see my discoveries below!

Sanctification Bible Lesson for Kids

This Sanctification Bible lessons for kids  are pretty extraordinary as the first actor we see is… a Bible puppet! And we all know that kids just love their puppet friends and this way of teaching was used in many successful shows on different topics, like mathematics for example. The movie lasts 9 minutes and explains John 17:17. After funny beginning, which should make our little friends interested. After that there is some talking, which I was afraid that would get my child bored. Luckily, right after that the spokesman takes out the props (including a bowl of water, soap and some Halloween black make-up which stands for a metaphor of sin). He uses them to easily explain sanctification. This is one of the best children Bible lessons out there.

The Story Of Adam And Eve

This video is a great ex ample of an animated Bible story. You could say it covers the most basic stuff- if you want to start educating your children from the beginning, the story of how the world was made by God is a good point to start, isn’t it? The stary starts when The Lord made light and ends with the first people’s sin and Adam and Eve leaving the paradise. This story teach your children that we should not disobey the God’s will, because we will be punished for it. To my relief, the story ends with explaination that The Lord loves us no matter what, even if we commit sins.