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Bible Lessons For Kids I’ve ordered

Family Bible Films

av3Hello, I’ve recently found some more interesting Bible lessons for kids. These are animated Bible stories, covering all the most important things that your child need to know. The example video looks really interesting, I bet that my child will be fascinated about it, and maybe they even will want to watch them instead of all those violent and worthless cartoons. In addition, to get the first DVD titled “Long Journey” I only had to cover small shipping & handling costs, which is nice- I will be able to verify if those videos are really high quality or not. I can’t wait for the package delivery! Luckily, while I wait I have my access to downloadable learning guides online streaming access, so I can start educating my children on the spot. Have you tried those Bible lessons for kids? Did they like them? Please write me your experience in the comments!

Route 66

The second thing I’ve ordered was a book called Route 66: A Trip through the 66 Books of the Bible . I think it’s a good alternative for other bedtime story tales. Of course I won’t read it everyroute night- I don’t want to push my children to much in the subject and force them to forget about their favorite kiddie books, which they love so much. Youth Bible study lessons are good, but nothing works well if you overdo it. Getting back to those that I’ve got- the book looks really good, and I hope that it has a little bit laid-back attidute to the stories, suitable for children. What books do you read to your children before they go to sleep? Related to religion, not related or both? What do you think about the products I’ve bought? Please let me know!


Appropriate Bible lessons for kids

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Marc and I’m a happy father of 2 beautiful children. Rising them up for good Christians is a crucial goal for me, however The Bible often seem too complicated and hard to understand for youths. That’s why I am looking for appropriate bible lessons for kids to make them interested in the God’s Story before thay will be able to fully understand it. I search the web and shops for books, animated videos and even games explaining the most important truths of The Book in a way that they will understand. It’s even better when I find those who even make them fascinated about it! You would be surprised how good materials can be find if you know where to look for them.

So if you are also a responsible parent and you are looking for the great bible lessons for kids, check out my posts to read about my discoveries and how did my children like them! I will try to keep the blog interesting and covering many various materials including both paper and digital products. If you would find something interesting, please leave me a comment and may The God be with you and your family.